IQ Manager Features

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IQ Manager Features

Post by Logan » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:30 pm


IQ Manager Features
  • Experience total visibility on your entire network at a glance, route multiple ports, and edit multiple nodes with a few simple clicks on the main dashboard
  • Easily test and troubleshoot your equipment with our new DMX Generator and re-designed DMX Monitoring windows
    • No limit to DMX View windows - monitor multiple universe streams simultaneously
  • Lock the dashboard with a click of a button for additional security against tampering
  • Export single or multiple device configurations for backup and easy setup reloading
  • Expand/Collapse All button for device navigation

Coming Soon…
  • Discovery and configuration of all Ethernet equipped ProPlex and Solaris units
    • All legacy and future IQ series products
    • Art-Net/sACN enabled ProPlex Drivers, such as FloppyDrive Digital MU, Mozart 40-Way PSU and IMS Multi-Universe Drive
    • Selected ProPlex GBS Switches
  • Blocking/override functions for particular universe or port in network
  • Scaling options for large resolution displays
  • Each DMX port can be individually configured for protocol input/output giving ability to merge different protocols
  • Extended support of DMX-over-Ethernet protocols
    • Art-Net
    • sACN
    • RTTrPL
    • KiNET
    • Extended sort buttons for ascending and descending (sort by protocol/name/firmware version/etc.)