Version 1.4.0 Release Notes

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Version 1.4.0 Release Notes

Post by Logan » Fri Nov 17, 2023 2:02 pm

ProPlex IQ Tester LV - Version 1.4.0 Release 17 November 2023

You can find Release Notes, files and instructions HERE!

What's New in Version 1.4.0:

New features:
  • Added RDM over Art-Net to [RDM Devices] window
  • Added ability to take screenshots (LEFT + RIGHT button press)
  • Added active VLAN detector
    • New [Active VLANs] window
    • Added VLAN ID to [Active Devices] list entries (and sort by VLAN ID option)
  • Added ability to transmit and receive sACN to/from non-multicast IP addresses
  • Added 16-bit RGB/RGBW mode option to DMX editor and DMX viewer
  • Added DMX start channel offset option to DMX editor and DMX viewer RGB/RGBW mode
  • Added "Raw LLDP Data" list to [LLDP] window
  • Added sACN Priority field to [DMX Receiver] list
  • Added auto shutdown and screen dimming timeouts to [Power Settings] window
  • Added [Power Settings] window shortcut (tap on top left battery icon)
  • Added RTTrPL protocol support (detector and DMX receiver)
  • Added option to sort RDM devices by DMX address
  • Added "Zoom" mode to DMX viewer
  • Added shortcut to set fader to 0% or 100% instantly in DMX editor (fast UP or DOWN button double-press)
  • Optimized idle power consumption
  • Save FX Engine config and load after power-cycle
  • Removed black text background from DMX editor faders
  • Fixed DMX/RDM receiver locking up after switching windows
  • Improved FX Engine performance
  • Fixed [DMX Input Timing] value overflow
  • DMX viewer now adds an "x" prefix in hexadecimal value display mode
  • IP addresses are now sorted in ascending order
  • Fixed non-sACN packets being marked as sACN in [Multicast Streams] window
  • Fixed [Firmware Utility] firmware description text overflow
  • Improved RDM stability
Screenshot Function:
Screenshots can be taken by simultaneously pressing the LEFT and RIGHT buttons. The display will flash white to indicate that a screenshot has been taken. A new file will be created in the Screenshots directory of the internal SD card.

An external tool is required for converting it to an image file, which you can find in the downloads folder along with instructions for use