ProPlex IQ Manager – Pre-Beta Bug Notes

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ProPlex IQ Manager – Pre-Beta Bug Notes

Post by Logan » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:33 pm

ProPlex IQ Manager – beta Bug Notes

• Live swapping cables on IQ TWO 1616 2X will sometimes crash the program
• IQ TWO 88 2X sometimes loses a link connection in IQ Devices Tab, but returns link very quickly
• IQ Micro Still does not respond well to DMX Generator
• Changes to Node or RDM settings require pressing enter or clicking off of setting to engage it
• IQ ONE series do not respond to ID locate button in Device Window
• IQ TWO 1616 does not respond to ID locate button in Device Window
• No option for Firmware Update through software
• DMX Generator starts ArtNet at Universe 1 instead of 0
• Right-Click in ArtNet RDM Devices crashes

Version has RDM performance improvements to address the following bugs:

• RDM Devices has problems with refresh if devices’ cables are disconnected/reconnected to certain IQ units
• Clear Offline Devices doesn’t clear issues with Device Count
• RDM Force refresh sometimes doesn’t show RDM units after live swapping cables between IQ fixtures
• RDM devices count is inaccurate, especially after disconnecting or swapping cables
• RDM Device is sometimes lost during a Change or Discover, Using IQ TWO 1616 2X. Sometimes RDM tab selection may result in software crash
• IQ TWO 1616 2X may not fetch RDM information from fixtures when Software is booted

• RDM over sACN bug – RDM should send even when sACN is selected as protocol, now only counts - Node firmware update needed, coming soon

• Random no data LEDs may flash intermittently between Red and Yellow on logo during dynamic data output - IQ Devices randomly going offline fixed in

• RDM “Model ID” shows 0x06BF instead of “Not Supported” - Fixed in

• RDM “Software ID” shows 0x00000386 instead of “Not Supported” - Fixed in