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Post by Logan » Fri Dec 21, 2018 3:37 pm

Welcome to the ProPlex IQ Tester Forum!

This forum was created for ProPlex IQ Tester owners to share questions, tips, job anecdotes, and development ideas with the manufacturer as well as other users.

The ProPlex IQ Tester is in active development and we would very much appreciate any input, including general impressions and suggestions for improvement. We also encourage the reporting of any bugs. With your help, this new technology will reach its full potential!

We will do everything possible to keep this forum open and will keep moderating to a minimum. Please remember this is a public forum, i.e., while IQ Tester owners can post, anyone can view the posts. A high degree of discretion, decorum, and good taste is expected – but be honest and forthright! Again, we’re still in development and we need your valuable input to help this groundbreaking product attain its full potential.

Please note: For immediate response to technical problems contact TMB 24/7 Tech Support, contact info available at www.tmb.com.

Terms of Service: We reserve the right to exclude anyone from the forum for any reason.