ProPlex IQ Tester LV - Software Update Guide (Pre-version 1)

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ProPlex IQ Tester LV - Software Update Guide (Pre-version 1)

Post by Logan » Wed Dec 19, 2018 4:35 pm

To download a PDF version of the Software Update Guide, Click HERE
To download the Software Uploader Tool, Click HERE

ProPlex IQ Tester LV - Software Update Guide

For the update you need:
- PC (running windows)
- Ethernet cable
- Micro-USB cable

1. To start the update, old software version must be deleted form the ProPlex IQ Tester LV.

2. If the ProPlex IQ Tester LV is ON, power it OFF holding the middle (OK) button for 4 seconds.
  • 2.1. At this point the device should not be connected to a power supply unit via micro USB, otherwise it
    will power itself ON again.
  • 2.2. It is possible to power OFF the device while it is plugged in and charging. Hold the middle (OK)
    button for 4 seconds, but the USB cable must be unplugged when UNPLUG USB will appear.

3. To delete the old software version, hold down the left, right, and down navigation buttons (USB cable
must be disconnected). While still holding buttons, connect the USB cable. This will erase current
firmware and enter bootloader mode.

  • 3.1. Black screen with yellow text will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • 3.2. When the software version has been deleted, the screen will turn white (it is now safe to release the

4. Connect the ProPlex IQ Tester LV to a pc with an ethernet cable.

5. Open the ProPlex IQ Tester LV Uploader
  • 5.1. It is important that the Uploader is located on the hard drive of your PC.

6. After the program is open:
  • 6.1. There should be visible MAC address and progress bar, meaning that the ProPlex IQ Tester LV is
  • 6.2. If the ProPlex IQ Tester LV is not visible, unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back in. (The Tester
    will not be visible unless the old software is deleted from the device, i.e. Steps 1-3)
  • 6.3. Device should be connected to a power supply unit via micro USB so the device does not power off
    during the installation process.

7. If different Network Interfaces are available, the desired option must be selected.


8. When the MAC address and progress are visible choose SELECT FILE.


9. The window will pop up and the latest software file must be chosen from its location on the computer’s
hard drive.


10. Select the update file and press open.


11. When the file has been chosen, press Enable Auto Update


12. The update will start:
  • 12.1. It is possible to cancel the update by choosing Disable Auto Update
  • 12.2. During the update, ProPlex IQ Tester LV will restart two times.
  • 12.3 during second restart Touchscreen will need to be calibrated, Red Squares in each corner need to be pressed to calibrate, starting left to right then down. All Values Must Show '0'
  • 12.4. Important! Network activity level should be low during the update process, otherwise the update
    may not be successful.
13. When the update has ended, the progress bar will show DONE.


14. After successful updating, the device is ready to use.

14.1. Note! If you want to update multiple devices, the ProPlex IQ Tester LV Uploader has to be
closed and reopened after each device has been updated.