Version 1.1.0 Release Notes

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Version 1.1.0 Release Notes

Post by Logan » Mon Jan 11, 2021 1:10 pm

ProPlex IQ Tester LV - Version 1.1.0 Release 11 January 2021

Please download file HERE!


Battery calibration must be performed after this update to allow for improved battery level measurement.

You can find Update instructions HERE!

What's New in Version 1.1.0:
  • DMX Transmitter setting saved and loaded on power-cycle
  • Added real-time clock feature (used for filesystem)
  • Added pin-protected ownership message
  • Added touchscreen calibration in settings menu
  • Improved RDM device listing and added option to hide offline devices (on by default)
  • Protocol detector moves active protocols to top of list
  • PoE tests improved and results now show failure causes
  • Menu can now be navigated using keypad (press central key to activate)
  • Added battery storage preparation feature that charges/discharges battery to safe level for long-term storage
  • Battery level measurement precision improved
    • Note: Battery calibration must be performed after firmware update
    • Discharge battery completely and allow the unit to power down itself. Leave the unit in this state for at least 5 hours
    • Then, fully charge the battery and leave it connected to charger for at least 5 hours
Bug Fixes:
  • DMX transmitter now does not allow two sources for the same universe
  • DMX receiver handles less than 512 channel streams properly
  • DMX receiver handles sACN 0xDD start codes
  • DMX receiver FPS counter erratic behavior fixed
  • User interface typos fixed