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ProPlex IQ Tester LV - Software Update Guide - Firmware Version 1.0.1

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 1:07 pm
by Logan
ProPlex IQ Tester LV - Software Update Guide

ProPlex IQ Tester LV running any previous firmware versions prior to v0.9.8 require Bootloader Update to prepare for newer versions of firmware. Please follow all instructions below to update to newest firmware version 1.0.1

For the update you need:
  • ProPlex IQ Tester LV
  • USB A to USB Micro Cable
  • Computer running Microsoft Windows 7 (or higher)
  • Version 1.0.1 – ProPlex IQ Tester LV Firmware file
    • .bin Firmware file (Download HERE)
    • NOTE: .bin file is password protected within .zip to prevent accidental bricking. Password can be found within the "README" file located in the download folder
  • ProPlex IQ Tester LV Bootloader v1.2
    • .exe file (Download HERE)
  • ProPlex IQ Tester LV Bootloader drivers (if applicable)
    • .zip file (Download HERE)

Procedure for Bootloader update:
  • Erase current firmware from the device
    • Disconnect all cables and power down device
    • Hold buttons [LEFT], [RIGHT], [DOWN] and turn on the device with the [MIDDLE/OK] button
    • In few seconds, a message on screen will inform that firmware erase has been successful
    • Release the [MIDDLE/OK] button and a white screen will remain on
  • Prepare for bootloader update
    • Close all applications running on PC and connect the device to a computer with a USB cable
  • Update bootloader by running "TesterBootloaderDFU_v1.2.exe"
    • The program will automatically find the device and update bootloader
    • Successful bootloader update will allow IQ Tester device to be recognized in Explorer as USB device (e.g., USB Drive (E:))
  • Windows 10 should install driver automatically. Older versions of Windows might require manual driver installation. To manually install drivers
    • Download "" and extract the files to your desktop
    • Right-click "boot_usb.inf" and select "Install"
  • Turn off device by disconnecting the USB cable

Procedure for Firmware update:
  • Prepare for firmware update
    • Disconnect all cables and power down the ProPlex IQ Tester LV
    • Close all applications running on PC
  • Hold keys [UP] and [DOWN] on ProPlex IQ Tester LV and connect USB cable
    • Device will be recognized as a USB drive in Explorer (e.g., USB Drive (E:))
    • LCD Screen will display further instructions
    • Copy *.bin firmware file from desktop location to root folder of the USB drive location
  • Press [LEFT] to verify firmware file
  • Press [UP] to flash new firmware – wait for progress bar to finish
  • Press [DOWN] to boot new firmware

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