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January FAQ

Post by Logan » Wed Feb 20, 2019 11:31 am

Q - How does the IQ Tester read time-code if it only has Ethernet and 5-pin ports on it?

A - Time-code options will be released in future updates. This feature will require a 5-pin to 3-pin adapter and a time-code track source. The options within the menu will be related to generating, receiving and scoping time-code

Q - Does the IQ Tester work on any Ethernet network, even if I don't have any of your other switches in my layout?

A - This is IP network tester/sniffer. It will work with any Ethernet network, including show specific protocols (Art-net, sACN, MA-Net, HogNet, HippoNet)

Q - Is this product similar to Wireshark in that I'd be able to see network dropout? If, say, I have flaky data coming from the console or a loose cable somewhere?

A - Bear in mind that the term “Wireshark” is meant to help customers understand what type of product this is, and what it can generally do – The IQ Tester is not necessarily the full feature set of Wireshark. The Network Monitor feature is best described as a Real-time Packet Analyzer. It lists incoming/outgoing activity packets and you can monitor active devices in real time. If a network drops out, you would see it disappear/reappear

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