Version 0.6.3 Release Notes

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Version 0.6.3 Release Notes

Post by Logan » Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:02 pm

ProPlex IQ Tester LV - Version 0.6.3 Release 14 March 2019

Please download file HERE!

What's New:
  • Menu Interface Changes
  • RDM Interface Changes
  • Upgraded RDM Driver
  • v1.1 POE Test
  • Ethernet Ping
  • NBNS Name Query
  • USB ON/OFF button (SD Card Detection)
  • Bug Fix for sACNView


Main Menu is mostly the same as in previous 0.5tc2 version with a few new updates in navigation and layout
  • At the bottom of the touchscreen there are new page navigation buttons labeled<Pg 1> <Pg 2> and <Pg 3>
  • Upon entering a sub-menu, you will find a <Back> button at the bottom-center of the touchscreen

You may also choose to navigate the menu with the IQ tester buttons
  • Press the center OK button to activate button selection - this will highlight the menu options on the screen in a light teal color
  • Use the left and right keys to navigate to desired menu and OK button to enter a sub-menu
  • Use the down button to exit a sub-menu or exit the button selection navigation


RDM list now shows a 6x2 column readout of individual devices available on touchscreen. When a fixture is selected via the touchscreen, a second menu opens allowing you to set address, mode and locate the fixture as well as listing device identification information
  • Tapping the DMX Address field opens a numeric keypad to allow direct entry of address (instead of scrolling)
  • Tapping the DMX Mode selection enables Up/Down button scrolling to the desired mode
  • Tapping Locate will toggle fixture location
  • All other RDM functions will be available in subsequent version releases


This is our first attempt at PoE testing feature that gives simple success/fail test of PoE source as well as Peak Voltage readout - Expect more accuracy and updates in future releases!


IQ Tester now answers on ICMP ping and NBNS name query packets