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IQ Node - Viewing RDM Addresses

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2023 3:14 pm
by Tepperse
Hey all,

Was viewing the RDM properties of fixtures on two separate outputs (and separate nodes) today when I realized the Address field was displaying incorrect values.

For one port, the RDM info was reporting that each fixture (7x CP Mini-Bs) were addressed to 22, when in reality they all have independent addresses.

For the other port, the RDM address info was changing sporadically for each of the fixtures (7x Chauvet Strike-Ms).These rolling changes happened between 1-10 seconds and was observed continuously over a 3-minute period. Fixtures were confirmed to have correct addressing in reality.

Nodes are receiving sACN from an MA.

Signal path is MA>EZLAN>GBS>IQ Node

Re: IQ Node - Viewing RDM Addresses

Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2023 3:37 pm
by Rihards
What IQ node model and node firmware version are you using?

Re: IQ Node - Viewing RDM Addresses

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2023 12:11 am
by Tepperse
One was a IQ 2 1616 2X running v2.22. The other was an IQ2 88 2X running 2.22.

Picture attached of matching address.

Video showing changing address can be found at:

Re: IQ Node - Viewing RDM Addresses

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2023 8:42 pm
by Tepperse
Followup. I tried viewing the same fixtures with Node (IQ 88) set to Artnet only (though, no Artnet source in the network), and had the same issue of the address appearing to change sporadically.

Re: IQ Node - Viewing RDM Addresses

Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2023 10:11 am
by Rihards
This is an IQ Two node firmware problem (v2.x versions before v2.26). This will be fixed in the next IQ Two node firmware release (v2.26).
Version v2.26 is being tested right now and is almost ready for release.

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