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Protocol display

Post by HParks » Tue May 14, 2019 9:50 pm

What would cause the IQ Tester not show MA Net 2 or sACN protocols when connected to a network.
The network has three MA2 consoles and two OnPC stations and two NPUs running v3.7.0.1 running sACN output to 26 Pathway nodes receiving sACN final.
The IP range of all of the devices on the VLAN running this configuration is

The system is running and performing well, except for a software bug in that effects web remotes.
All of the nodes are displaying active dmx and outputting data.

Plugging the tester into this network displays active devices, but no protocol indicators display as active, even though the network is active with. MA Net and sACN.
Plugging the tester directly into one of the MA2 desk activates the MA Net protocol indicator.
With the desk in sACN stand alone on, the sACN protocol indicator is red
Hooking the tester to my laptop running sACNVIEW software shows sACN protocol as active, and all tester functions appear to work fine.


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Re: Protocol display

Post by Rihards » Tue May 21, 2019 12:26 am

It seems like the IQTester is not receiving multicast packets from MANet2 and sACN when connected to the system through a network switch.
MANet2 detection depends on the IQTester being able to receive packets from the MA2 multicast groups.
Same for sACN if multicast addressing is used.

This is happening because the IQTester does not join all available multicast groups when connected to a network.

The protocol detector starts working when plugged directly into the console because there is no network switch between the console and the IQTester to filter out multicast packets for multicast groups that the IQTester has not joined.

Devices showed up in the Active Devices window because they had probably sent out a broadcast packet that does not get filtered by the network switch.

This problem should be fixed in the next firmware release [ 0.7 ]

Thank you for reporting this!
IQ Tester / IQ Two v2.x

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Re: Protocol display

Post by Ryan.gottlieb » Tue Aug 06, 2019 10:29 am

I will add I am having the same issue, over (some) managed switches, the IQ tester does not see any protocols or sACN Universes. if I plug straight into the generating device (MA2) it see's everything happily. I will await .7 before testing further with our network team.

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