Sending sACN on a dedicated IP adress

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Rutger van Dijk
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Sending sACN on a dedicated IP adress

Post by Rutger van Dijk » Tue May 31, 2022 10:24 pm

Hi There,

Im now on a project with a lot of sACN universes over a lot of IP addresses in the range. If I want to use the IQ Tester LV (firmware 1.1.7r) to test some of the nodes I cannot get it to work. Appearantly this doesn't work, If I want to test universe 601-616 it gives automatic to as IP range. How does this work?

Also if I want to test the sACN signal coming from the controllers, the IQ Tester LV protocol detector doesn't show sACN and also the Packet Lister doesn't label the packages as sACN. Is this because of the custom IP range? Does the protocol detector only/also react on dedicated IP addresses.

Of course my IQ Tester LV is in the right range, for this project on

Keep up the great work!

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Re: Sending sACN on a dedicated IP adress

Post by Rihards » Wed Jun 01, 2022 1:39 pm


Right now in version 1.1.7, the IQ Tester can only send sACN to the automatic sACN multicast range 239.255.x.x
Also the sACN protocol detector in v1.1.7 only marks a packet as sACN if the destination is inside the 239.255.x.x range.

The next firmware release will have a modified sACN receiver that is able to detect sACN packets sent to any IP address (any IP address visible to the IQ Tester)

It was not planned for the sACN transmitter to be able to transmit to IPs outside the 239.255.x.x multicast range, but I will add this to the feature request list.
IQ Tester / IQ Two v2.x

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