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1.1.5r bugs

Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2021 12:48 am
by sinclair
Thank you for the continued development of this product- I love where it's going!
And now this:

•When system crash happens it states that it’s restarting but it does not.

•If you set the DMX Value Display to 48ch Bars and exit back to main menu, when you return to DMX View the right arrow is not highlighted or touchable. As soon as you click the right hard button, both touch buttons are enabled.

•If you go to RDM screen and back out without doing anything, then goto Timecode screen and select Timecode Receiver device freezes. Center button will not shutdown. This is where I discovered pressing all the buttons to force a shutdown.

•Sometimes starting Cable Test with no cable attached crashes software.

•It would be nice if the DMX View Settings persisted through a power cycle.

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