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Tap to zoom

Post by JBrink » Thu Feb 04, 2021 9:41 pm

I really want this to take over all of my testing devices but the DMXCat is still in my bag for several reasons - one of which being it's so easy to read the whole universe and then click to zoom in on a section. This would be super awesome if we could do this on the Proplex IQ Tester. If when we had 512 CH view up we could just tap in the top third to go to CH 1-48, the middle third for around CH 240ish, and the last third for around CH 360ish or something like that. Then we can use the arrows as if we were in 48CH mode instead of having to go to config and changing the view.

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Re: Tap to zoom

Post by auldwright » Thu Apr 08, 2021 4:39 pm

I agree. There are still some features I would love to see before I felt comfortable without my DmxCat close by.

A few I had in mind:

1) ArtNet RDM. Please. And not requiring the use of ProPlex IQ nodes.
2) A remote end for testing Cat cable.
3) ETC Net3 Protocol detection.
4) If there is a way the Protocol Detector could decipher which version of ArtNet a node was that would be cool.
5) Firmware storage and deployment for brands other than TMB.

I just started putting this thing through its paces and these were my initial thoughts

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