Some more feature suggestions

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Some more feature suggestions

Post by » Tue Oct 27, 2020 4:43 am

Had a chance to use the tester with the new firmware on a show, was a lifesaver for dealing with network and DMX issues. Had a few suggestions for future releases (in no particular order)

- The ability to select the starting pixel address for the RGB & RGBW modes in the DMX transit and receive menus. Was trouble shooting LED that unfortunately didn't start at 1 so wasn't able to use that feature. Somewhat related, also be able to select the starting pixel by address not just address

- A "highlight" mode on the on the DMX transmitter command line entry would be fantastic, being able to step through channels (or even better groups of channels, evens/odds, 1 of 3 sort of thing) and have then pop to full when selected would be fantastic.

- The ability to load fixture profiles from a common console manufacturer and see them as options like RGB & RGB/W in the DMX transmit and receive windows

- If when stepping through channels in DMX transmitter you could double click the up button to go full and the down button to go to zero

- Ethernet protocols that where active would move to the top of the window

- Would be great if there was an option to toggle automatic clearing the active devices list in the ethernet menu. Sometimes nice to only see new devices every time you connect, and sometimes nice to see if all devices you expect are there.

- The ability to store user preset IPs and net masks would be great.

- a 48ch bar view for the DMX transmitter (even better if could link with fixture profiles and tell you what parameter you where on based on a start address)

- The ability to name the DMX scenes

I also noticed the buttons didn't work sometimes when I expected they would, was never a deal breaker but sometimes caught me out. The word single was also misspelled in the transmit network DMX window select Single or Range drop down.

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Re: Some more feature suggestions

Post by Logan » Wed Nov 11, 2020 10:34 am

Thank you for the suggestions and pointing out the misspelled menu. We will address that as soon as possible.

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